3M™ Products

Dynatel Locating and Marking System

3M™ Dynatel Locators combine simple interfaces, large backlit high-resolution graphics, excellent balance and ergonomics with precision locating capabilities to help you quickly and accurately identify underground assets. Dynatel Locators can be used to trace pipe and cable paths, locate sheath faults, provide accurate pipe, cable or Sonde depth measurements, locate buried electronic markers, read/write to 3M iD Markers and interface with GPS instruments to create accurate maps of underground facilities. Dynatel Locators are available in a range of configurations from fully-featured pipe, cable, fault and electronic marker locators to basic cable avoidance systems.

M Series Advanced Locator

Model 2220M 2250M 2550 – Cable & Pipe Locator

Model 2273M 2573 – Cable/Pipe/Fault Locator

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iD Series

Advanced Locator - Locates all EMS markers and reads/writes to iD markers, GPS compatible

Model 2250M-iD 2550-iD – Cable & Pipe Locator

Model 2273M-iD 2573-iD – Cable/Pipe/Fault Locator

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2200 Series

Basic locator

Model 2250 Cable & Pipe Locator

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Model 2273 Cable/Pipe/Fault Locator

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1420-iD/1420E-iD Electronic Marker System Marker Locators

Technology for locating underground utilities that are using EMS Markers. Designed to be more accurate, faster and more integrated than ever before.

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